How to tell a story. (Yes there is a right way to do it!)

Workshop on Storytelling Flyer Guelph

Come out to one of two Fourth Friday’s events held at 10 Carden to learn the basics of constructing a story from local author and artist Garth Laidlaw. Also see his first children’s book!

At his very first Fourth Friday’s event, you’ll learn to create many stories from this simple plot and character-building exercise. Create a setting and drama, sketch a potential character, and more.

Where is this shindig? It will be held at 10 Carden’s Heritage Room which is located on the building’s third floor. The space is not accessible.
How much do I have to pay? This event is free or PWYC (Pay What You Can)
Who’s hosting this event? Garth Laidlaw. Check out what he said about himself on his website:

I live in Guelph, Ontario where, among other things, I write and illustrate stories. I’m eternally curious, and try my best to infuse my stories and illustrations with fragments of my own life experiences.
I hope in the future to tell stories through a variety of mediums like animated short films, or animated storybooks.
I also hope to one day become an influential Canadian storyteller, who is able to make a living from telling stories that people love.  I strive to create stories that are as sincere and honest as I can muster.  I also want my stories to encourage discussion about our society and cultures as much as possible.
In order to defeat the almighty creative block, I take long walks, listen to music, and always enjoy a good cup of tea.  Aside from children’s books, I also create short animations and illustrate board games. In addition I teach art, animation, and storytelling and run weekly figure drawing sessions for the community.

To see more of Garth’s work, visit his website.

To RSVP to the event, visit our Facebook event page.