Here’s what’s going on at the end of March

ART IS LIFE Fourth Friday's GuelphSpring is in the air and we can’t wait to get out an enjoy the weather, community and arts that are budding in downtown Guelph!

Guelph Civic Museum exhibition Fourth Friday's Exhibit Opening

Guelph Civic Museum (52 Norfolk Street [entrance off Cork Street], Guelph): 

Ontario Veterinary College: 150 Years and Counting

OVC is proud to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a special exhibit at the Guelph Civic Museum. As the oldest veterinary school in Canada and the United States and a world leader in veterinary health care and research, the history of the college is explored through images and artifacts from the OVC’s collection.

Museum open 5-9 pm

Opening of exhibit 7 pm

Opening remarks 7:15 pm

Live Theatre

@ Downtown: On the streets of downtown will be acts of live theatre! Students from the University of Guelph 2012 Ensemble Class will be around to greet you with flyers and entertain you with snippets from our theatre festival. The festival itself is happening March 29-31 and its admission is pay what you can!

Come out, be entertained, and learn more about Guelph EXPOsure, a festival of theatre!

We hope to see you THIS Friday, or/and at our theatre festival happening NEXT WEEK. Search Guelph EXPOsure on Facebook for more details!

Art Exhibition

@ 10 Carden (10 Carden St): 

Stop by to see the oil pastel on paper exhibition by Sarah Sienna. 7pm – 10pm *FF*

Bring your vision of a resilient Guelph community of the future, in balance with human needs and Earth cycles, to 10 Carden. Help us paint the Resilience festival banner for Transition Guelph”s week of celebration and events! No experience needed — just your imagination. *FF* 7pm – 9pm

Art Exhibit

Whitestone Gallery (80 Norfolk Street, Guelph): 14 great artists showing work. We plan to have a coffee maker and cookies for visiting participants. 7pm – 10pm *FF*

Wine Tasting

Red Brick Cafe (8 Douglas Street, Guelph):

Get a sheet with descriptions. $10 per person for 4 samples. 1 white & 3 reds from one country or varietal. Each month different wines. No reservations required. Impress your friends with your new wine knowledge! @5pm – 11pm

Art Exhibit

@ The Trafalgar Building (123 Woolwich Street):

Second Floor (same hallway as Hillside Festival): Tiffany Celeste: Come in, see some art. And, bring along a photo/s for me, to see. I love to find out about other people and what is important, in their lives. That is a source of inspiration, for me. *FF*

Third Floor: Maria Pezzano Studio7pm – 10pm: art and textiles, paintings, hand crafted designer cushions, textiles and custom duvet covers. 519-820-4970 *FF*

Music and Art

The Casual Gourmet (52 Carden St):

Come in and hear the sweet sounds of Amber Carr as she plays acoustic guitar.

Stop on by to see the found art masterpieces of Eric Montgomery tucked in and around all of the exciting kitchen supplies!

Art Exhibit

@ The Quebec Street Mall: Monika Hauck will be exhibiting her interactive sculptural installation “Take What You Can” in the Quebec Street Mall.

“Take What You Can” is an installation of objects and things that belonged to Hauck’s Grandmother, collected over the course of her life. In 2011, Hauck’s grandmother moved back to Poland, leaving behind numerous items. These items were abandoned by  Hauck’s grandmother, but still held strong sentiments for other family members. However knowing that Hauck’s grandmother had moved on without them, their value changed. With these objects on display the viewer can gain new meaning about these objects. Not knowing their origin or roots, the participant can piece together a narrative of someone”s life. In this exhibition, participants are invited to rummage and leaf through a stranger”s objects, objects that may have defined their life or served some crucial purpose. This exhibition is openly evasive and indulgent in curiosities not usually acceptable, it is a treasure hunt through someone”s life and objects. Hauck’s grandmother took what she could to Poland, and now, the participants in this interactive installation are invited to take with them anything that might be of significance  to them. Seriously, take everything you can.

Body Art

@ Wyndham Art Supplies (125 Wyndham Street North, Guelph: in store): There will be some funky airbrushing happening! Come on out and get your very own temporary airbrush body art!

Art Exhibit

@ Diana Downtown (141 Wyndham Street North, Guelph): Come see the multiple pieces by Terry Gollettz: lovely imaginative and interpretive paintings. They will be on display until late May.