Here are the November 25th Fourth Friday’s events!

We’re excited to have the following events occurring this November 25th! Start in St.George’s Square and then move out into the rest of the downtown. (though all events are for most ages and audiences, *FF* = specifically Family Friendly & *A* = Accessible)

Ice Sculpting demonstration

Ice carving demonstration St. George's Square Guelph Fourth Friday's

St. George’s Square: starting @7pm (all night). Come play with the 200 + blocks of ice for an interactive imaginative wintry play activity while watching the demo. Make a fort, a tunnel, and/or an inukshuk! *FF* *A*

Art Exhibit

Artisanale Cafe (37 Quebec St): Selections from a life’s work; a retrospective of photographic work by Evan Mathison *A*

Photo Mob

@ the streets (everywhere!): Smile, you might be on Fourth Fridays. Armed with digital cameras and creative spirit, Aidan Ware will take to the town with her Photo Mob, to take portraits, make inspiring renderings, capture fun happenings, and document the confluence of people and community in the streets of the downtown from 7pm to 10pm. Images will be downloaded to Fourth Fridays social media sites (Facebook and Flickr) for people to see. Contact Aidan: [email protected] to join or meet at the entrance to the Quebec Street mall @ 7pm!


@ The Old Quebec Street Mall: @8pm: Patrick McCauley and the Wandering Bones. Check out their sound here: bandcamp *A*

@ Outside the Quebec Street Mall (or you’ll have to hunt for it downtown): @7-10pm:  Ice Lantern. Nicole Hewat and Jessica Hoflick have collaborated yet again to create a lantern that utilizes found objects. It is a light hearted sculpture that illuminates a strange moment in Guelph history. Find it and you’ll know what we mean!

10 Carden (10 Carden St): @7:30pm & 8:30pm: Come hear the acoustic guitar sounds of Amber Carr. Performing both original works and various covers. *FF*

Wet Paint Carol Tinga Fourth Friday's Guelph@7-8:30pm: WET PAINT! – Guelph artist Carol Tinga will be continuing work on a painting from a series inspired by photographs she took last year of koi in their elaborate ponds at the Sheraton and Hilton Hawaiian Village resorts in Waikiki, Oahu. The unfinished acrylic painting is one of a series of seven and plays in the divide between abstraction and representation. Carol welcomes questions from the public about this work and painting in general. *FF*

Fourth Friday's Guelph

@9:15pm: Love at the End of the World with Meme: Solo performance poetry exploring themes of Love, Feminism, Earth and Apocalypse.

@7-10pm: Guelph Urban Forest Friends photo display. Come see the winners and runners up of the GUFF photo contest!

Art Exhibit

@ 103 Wyndham St. North (2nd Floor): 7-9pm: Tom Dietrich Open Studio: abstract, sculptural.

@ The Casual Gourmet (52 Carden St): Stop by until 9pm for complimentary apple cider, to peruse the store or to check out works by Theo Koutalos.

@7:15pm Performance Poetry by Valerie Senyk, theatre artist and spoken word poet.

@8:15pm Performance Poetry by Rob O’Flanagan: Lyrical, narrative poetry with an electronic soundtrack, unpredictable performance elements and loads of feeling.

Rosetta's Vespers video installation by Nora Hutchinson Ed VideoOpen Reception

@Ed Video (40 Baker Street): @7pm for the exhibit “Rosetta’s Vespers” by Nora Hutchinson. *FF*

Art Exhibit

@ The Albion (49 Norfolk Street, Guelph): Candace Sepulis – “Fragments”
 In these silkscreened works of Sepulis’ illustrations, “Fragments” speaks of words better left unsaid, clinging hope, stolen glances of missed opportunity and moments of calm understanding.

@ The Albion @9pm: Fresh Fridays, 80’s 90’s and onward, come out and dance upstairs at The Albion.

Beyond Landscape Fourth Friday's GuelphArt Exhibit

@ Whitestone Gallery (80 Norfolk Street, Guelph):

14 great artists showing work. This is the last day of Beyond Landscape, a show by Printmaker Clive Lewis; come and meet the artist! See ceramics by potter Goldie Sherman. We plan to have a coffee maker and cookies for visiting participants. 7-10pm

Art Exhibit

@ Trafalger Building (123 Woolwich St, Guelph) 3rd Floor: Multiple Studios: 7-10pm

Fourth Friday's GuelphExperimenting with many media over the years, Lynn has devoted her work to the time honoured tradition of stained and leaded glass. Working closely with the client, Lynn translates ideas into uniquely personalized pieces of art that illuminate architectural spaces.

Recent paintings by Chris Ahlers on display to compliment his work included in the Metal & Paint group show at Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art Gallery. Artist in attendance, @8-10pm

Also, greeting cards and gift tags for holidays or other by Gillian Wilson and Tammy Ratcliff.  Join us at our card making station and try your hand at creating your own unique something special to give away.  Please bring an envelope or two. @7-10pm *FF*

Kathleen‘s 3rd floor studio is filled with oil paintings of local streetscapes, images of kayaking trips across Canada and mixed media explorations of subject matter as diverse as hydro lines and rain forest insects. The works range in size from 4″ square to 4’x6’ with prices starting at $75.00.

Flowers Fourth Friday's Guelph

Maria Pezzano – Paintings, Pillows and Textiles: Visit Maria’s studio and see her latest paintings, beautiful handcrafted Pillows created from her art inspired textiles. Yardage for sale.

Drop by Pearl Van Geest‘s studio where she is preparing for exhibitions opening in the new year: INTO PLACE at Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University, January 4 – February 11, 2012 and Snow Queen at Harbinger Gallery in Waterloo,  January 21 – February, 2012.

Wine Tasting

@ Red Brick Cafe (8 Douglas Street, Guelph): Get a sheet with descriptions. $10 per person for 4 samples. 1 white & 3 reds from one country or varietal. Each month different wines. No reservations required. Impress your friends with your new wine knowledge! @5-11pm 

Dance Performance

@ Dancetheatre David Earle (42 Quebec St): DtDE will present sections from David’s newest work-in-progress, which is set to an enchanting collection of European medieval music. The Guelph Youth Dance Company will also present a sketch of a new piece by Georgia Simms. Funds from the event will support program expansion! @6:30pm and again @8:30pm – $15/adults and $10/children.


@ Wyndham Art Supplies-upstairs classroom (3rd floor- worth the climb!): Creating with Textiles (with Carley Friesen): @7-9pm At this interactive event I will show you the many different things you can make with different textiles. Come see all that fabric has to offer and you can even make a small holiday decoration to take home with you. *FF*

@ Wyndham Art Supplies- in store: Come into the store to check out awesome art supplies  and jewelry by the Paper-azzi!  The Paper-azzi are Nan Hogg & Elizabeth Bone …hand-made jewellery using luxurious origami papers, beautiful beads and nickel-free findings.

Vanessa Tignanelli painting of a woman's back Fourth Friday's GuelphArt Exhibit

@ The Cornerstone (1 Wyndham St. North): @7-10pm: Come into the Cornerstone for a drink or some food and enjoy the artwork of Vanessa Tignanelli. Critiques 21st-Century Communication in Artwork: Tignanelli’s latest work reflects the error of 21st-century reliance on technology to maintain relationships, specifically texting. Dwindling face-to-face communication is represented as fading, unrecognizable, or mute figures in her work. She is completing a Studio Art BA at UoG.