Free August 26th Fourth Friday: Kevin Coghill Art Show @ 10 Carden / Community Room, Main Floor / 7-9 PM (wheelchair accessible)


Facebook Event:

This month, 10 Carden’s Community Room gallery presents the work of Kevin Coghill. Pease come to the opening on August 26th from 7-9 pm to connect with others that admire the arts in Guelph and speak with Coghill himself about his work. The space is wheelchair accessible and will surely have refreshments and some food for those in attendance to enjoy through the evening.

All paintings in the show are for sale and have prices listed. Purchased work goes through Coghill himself and purchase are not through 10 Carden.

Coghill on his work:

“Finding tension in the world around me helps me to find balance in life. I enjoy painting subject matter that I see as living in tension. The crow is a beautiful creature, yet it is mostly considered a nuisance. The turkey vulture deemed ugly, and yet it is perfect in its design. 

Tension exists even in the act of painting itself. I am performing a physical act, yet I am engaged in a spiritual exercise…my brush comes in contact with the support…and my soul with the Creator.”


Resonate, mixed media, 36×36 


Journey, mixed media, 30×40