Free June 24th Fourth Friday: Bang Ly’s Art Show @ 10 Carden / Heritage Room, 3rd Floor / 7-9 PM (only accessible by stairs)


This June 24th Fourth Friday at 10 Carden from 7-9 pm will feature the art of Bang Ly (The Lift Imperative, Secret Santa Guelph Twitter fundraiser). So, he’s kind of a recognizable social media figure around these parts (especially the Twitterverse), but did you know that Bang can paint? No? Neither did he! Each May, Bang participates in a May health challenge with the encouragement of the folks at the Clear Path Chiropractic Health Centre.

Facebook event page:

Here is Bang to tell you about his show:

“On May 1st 2016, I picked up a paint brush in an artistic way (not the house painting way) for the first time ever. By the time this party rolls around it will have been 55 days of painting every day. Come see how terrible my art was at the beginning and how barely middling it’s become by day 56.

I mean something must be nice but most are kinda like… someone gave a paint brush to a reciprocating saw with a grade 2 intelligence rating and let er rip on a canvas.

So yeah, come on out to this thing. It’ll be super awkward for me so if you’ve been hoping to see that, you can do that and also eat stuff cause I’m catering it with food.

Come check out some of the “art” I’ve created and talk about it with people… that you invite, I guess.”

Some photos of the work that’s up on the walls:unnamed unnamed-1

The art opening will commence in the Heritage Room (the third floor) in the 10 Carden space and is only accessible by stairs.

Light refreshments and food will be provided and the event is free! 

*Selected paintings will be for sale*

If you want to check out more of what Bang does…

Twitter: @superbang //

The Lift Imperative:

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