Learn how to relax as you draw with Yulia Balobanova

Zentangle Workshop Fourth Fridays 10 Carden Guelph

Did you enjoy the colouring party we had back in January? What about the workshop we held in February? If you answered yes to both of those questions then you’ll love one of our upcoming events for April.

Join local art and needlecraft instructor Yulia Balobanova as she hosts her drawing workshop on Zenart, a new and meditative style of drawing. Inspired by her childhood in Central Asia and the embroidery work that her Ukrainian and Polish grandmothers did before she was born, Yulia became an art instructor at the Neighbourhood Family Activities in Rickson Ridge Public School and has opened her very own art and needlecraft studio right here in Guelph. But don’t take it from me, take it from Yulia herself:

There are various goals that I have as an instructor. First of all, I would like to share my love of art and needlecraft.  I would also like to show my students how amazing it is to create things with their own hands! I believe that anyone can draw, do needlecraft or create other handmade things at any age. Just do it – learn, practice, practice and again practice! While teaching, I would like to support the desire of my students to practice, thereby exposing them to a very interesting world of art and needlecraft history and involving them in an enjoyable process of creating. During the classes, I combine my Russian and Canadian study and work experience. I believe that home tasks, which are given individually, are necessary since it is another opportunity to practice!  By presenting a variety of basic techniques and supplies, I hope it will inspire my students to continue learning favorite techniques more deeply with me, independently or somewhere else.

If you’ve become inspired to draw just like Yulia, then RSVP to our event on Facebook. See you there!