Don’t forget that we have events at the Museum too!

Guelph Museums Logo Fourth Friday's

We’re not all about workshops, art, and 10 Carden. We also have musical events at Guelph Museums!

Join the Civic Museum in celebrating the end of the week and the start of the weekend! Situated at the top of the hill on Norfolk Street, next to the landmark Church of Our Lady’s recently renovated Loretto convent, the museum displays both permanent and changing exhibits, an interactive family gallery, and is home to a collection of over 30,000 artifacts from the city of Guelph.

Sounds lovely! What’s going on though?

Local sister-folk duo The Lifers will be performing a concert with two sets of songs. Sisters Liv and Anita Cazzola are known for their “velvety harmony” and “musical and emotional chemistry” (!about/c1uip). They sing as well as play a variety of instruments including the accordion, the acoustic guitar, cello, ukulele, upright bass, glockenspiel, percussion and more.

The sisters are true Guelphites, having spent their teenage years in various bands across the city and have recently been touring in other areas. They’ve also played at winter festival Hillside Inside.

Awesome! How much is this event?

It’s free!

But don’t you have to pay admission to get into the museum itself?

Yes, but its admissions are free after 5:00pm!

When is it?

Liv and Anita will start playing at 7:00pm with the first set ending at 7:30pm and the next set starting at 8:00pm and finishing at 8:30pm. The concert is on Friday April 22nd.

Where’s the Civic Museum exactly?

You can find it at 52 Norfolk Street.

You can listen to the Cazzola’s music next at The Red Brick Cafe (8 Douglas Street) on April 27th at 8:00pm ( You can buy their first LP “Out and In” here

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