Learn about the how, what, when and why of Aboriginal Smudging

Come join the Guelph Indigenous Learning Circle for an Aboriginal Learning Circle!

Learn about Aboriginal Smudging (how, what, when and why) along with traditional Aboriginal teachings about drums and songs and participate in drumming and singing. All are welcome to this month’s Fourth Friday – October 24th, 2014 – from 7 to 8 pm at 10 Carden (10carden.ca).

About Indigenous Guelph (http://indigenousguelph.wix.com/learningcircle):

Indigenous Learning Circle Guelph is for anyone who self identifies as Aboriginal, of Aboriginal Descent, Inuit or Métis who want connection with their community and to learn traditional teachings.


We are also a resource base for Aboriginal people and families in the Guelph area.


Drumming, Singing and Dancing

We enjoy one evening a month drumming and singing together. Don’t worry if you have never done this, we all learn and teach together.  On occasion we will learn about and try dancing.


We’re not all the same

Not all Aboriginal people think and believe alike. Like every group in society ie: religion, culture, heritage, students, lawyers, Canadians, there are fundamentals that bring those people together but each of them is an individual with their own politics and religious believes, parenting styles, fashion etc. So is true for Anishnaabe people. Some of the fundamentals are respect for all things, protecting the planet, only take as much as you can use but beyond that each is an individual.


Teachings differ. The things we do in our Circle may not be the way someone else would do them. Neither is wrong, just different.


It is traditional for children to stay with their parents, therefore, children attended by an adult and youth are very welcome. Please bring drinks, snacks and activities for young children.
We wish to acknowledge the Attawandaron people, the original people of the land of Guelph and area.


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