Plays, paintings, and Indian head massages: Our September lineup

September Fourth Fridays Guelph posterSo much is happening this September. Read on to find out more!

GuelphPhonography is aimed at showcasing the spirit, energy, and beauty of the Guelph community through an annual contest and exhibit. How did they judge their submissions? Here’s what their website said:

             It sure isn’t easy, but here’s how it works…

The guelPhonography team and a representative from lead sponsor, Photo Media Decor review all entries and give all entries a score using judging criteria below. The highest scoring entry wins the top prize or Best-in-Show.

Each photographer can only have one piece in the show. With Best-in-Show selected, any other entries from that photographer are eliminated. The team looks at the scores again to choose 2nd and 3rd prize winners and so on until a total of 20 pieces are chosen for the exhibit, eliminating other entries from winning photographers along the way.


Judging Criteria

  • Is the photo identifiable as Guelph? A recognizable building or structure? A well-known event?

Technical quality

  • Is the photo in focus?
  • Is lighting in balance?
  • Is the photo a sufficient resolution for printing?


  • Are the items of interest placed well in the photo?
  • Are there distracting elements?


  • Is the subject matter pictured in a unique way or shown from an interesting point-of-view?
  • Does the photo demonstrate originality?
  • Has the phoneographer used apps in interesting ways?

Overall Impression

  • Does the photo grab the viewer’s attention and hold it?
  • What is the ‘wow’ factor? Special effects? Unique subject matter?

And what about Tannis Slimmon? She is a critically acclaimed Canadian musician who has been singing, songwriting, recording, and touring locally, nationally and internationally for over 30 years. In 2008 she was honoured with the Contemporary Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for her album Lucky Blue. In 1980 she moved to Guelph, Ontario, where she began a serious professional music career.

Finally, the painter behind Seed & Spore K​atie Wilde is an Ottawa/Guelph based visual artist. According to her website,

I make art to engage with ideas of ‘knowing’ and to redefine curiosity as something which shouldn’t be outgrown. To follow curiosity into exploration for its own sake is both a practical and essential human endeavour, yet we are more often than not taught that it is a frivolous waste of time.